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Here is info on Bike Costs

Originally Posted by Ian640

I've considering an attempt at the Baja 500 in a few years time, my enthusiasm partly fuelled by reading of competitor's exploits in the event on this site (I recall neduro's report).

Can anyone who's done the event on a motorcycle give me an idea of the costs involved? An itemised list would be even better.


Hi Ian,
Here is some info on the cost of leasing a bike to race (Husky). I just got this today from BajaHusky. I will send you a PM will all the details FYI

Lease for Score Baja racing:
  1. 2007 TC 250, 450 or 510 for race lease for 7 days.................$7, 500.00 + a $6,000.00 Security deposit
  2. Security Deposit is fully refundable 30 days after the bike returns and is deemed in the same shape as it left. Otherwise, the deposit pays for all repairs needing done or if the bike doesn't come back during the contract period (usually 7 calender days)
  3. Any repairs to the bike or total replacement comes from the refundable security deposit funds.
  4. 2nd race of the calender year on the same size bike would be $5,000.00 + $6,000.00 Security Deposit
  5. 3rd race of the calender year on the same size bike would be $3500.00 + $6,000.00 Security Deposit.
Buy the Race Prepped Bike for $9, 900.00 and then have it shipped home.
(Lots of stuff, on the Race Bike)

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