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Baja 500 basic. Not Honda pits nor factory ride.

Score Membership: $ 50.00 per person, all racers have to be members
Sportsman Entry: $ 500.00 est.
Pro Entry: $ 950.00 est.
Bike: You buy $6,000.00+ est. Either a 450 or 510/525/650. Expect to rebuild your top end or something close after race ends. Square rims, bent radiators, almost anything can and will happen.
Race Bike Parts: min.$1-$2K; Tires, tubes,chain, Stab,tank, stator rewind with light if night race,suspension rebuild front/rear
Bike: You lease $3500 to $7500 complete to race and return
Bike: Security deposit refundable $ cost of bike probably
Bike Spares: ? $1K to 3K depending on what you buy, wheels, sub frames, nothing.
Pre Running: $1-$2K (Trucks, people, food, motel, fuel, etc.)
Pits: $125.00 Baja Pits up to $600 for Honda pits. Checkers you have to be a checker. Mag 7, FAIR or your buddies are your other choices.
Race Fuel: $ Included with pit fee up to 3 gallons of 100unleaded race fuel per pit at Baja Pits locations. Honda pit prices include 3 gallons of 91 octane fuel and spare parts exchange.
Race Day: Chasing $ 700-$1500 depending on how many vehicles you have
Commute: $ Where are you driving/flying from round trip, renting vehciles or driving own, flat tires, vehicle breakdowns, etc? $unknnown?

That's it in a nutshell.

A friend raced the 06 Baja 1000 Ironman on an 06 Open bike and finished 4 hours after the finish line closed down. He spent $7K for the race + the bike ($5K). Two spare wheels attached to parts bike in chase truck, no spare lights (just the race set he already owned, otherwise $1K), one chase truck with 2 guys, 1 week pre running before the race, motels, fuel, insurance, food for 10 days (pre running and race weekend). Had flat tire that stopped him for 4 hours and missed his connection for night lights by over three hours after dark. No sat phones or FM radios used to save money. If he had those, chase crew could have driven to him and he would be have been racing most of night. Spent night in baja desert camping out without lights, first night. Cold brrrrrrrr.

Race can be done, but bare minimum here. Start saving now, find 5-8 buddies that want to race or find some cash sponsors now (like the rest of us are looking for). Good luck/ See you down there.

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