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Originally Posted by PeterW
I've owned the older (carbed) F650 and currently have a DL650.
The FI F650's weren't as good as the carbed versions - which is why I don't own a BMW - couldn't see the point of spending big $ to get a bike that was worse than the one I already had.

If you have any riding experience, the DL 650 is probably a better bike.
Where it falls behind: Worse turning circle. No engine protection.

Turning circle only experience can deal with - not a big deal for me, but I could see it getting a new rider into trouble, engine protection is fixable - or ignorable - if you are only doing light off road rides. Everywhere else the DL is pretty much a clear winner, far better on road, far easier to ride off road - provided you aren't racing - and as far as I can tell it's more reliable as well.

I'm not saying the BMW is a bad bike, just that the DL is just far better value for money and will do everything the F will.

In theory the Dakar looks to be a far better off road bike - I'm unconvinced - provided you aren't doing extreme things (Paris/Dakar ) the DL is a really easy bike to ride offroad and is much less effort than the BMW. I found that not being as tired muscling the bike round more than made up for any weaknesses the DL might have.


Said a mouthful there. I ride an uncorked tagged BRP, and lately been swapping out and riding my son's DRZ more [the more I ride and tweak the more impressed I am]. BUT.... when I really contemplate long rides into strange territory, combining "getting there" on slab and then exploring off the beaten path on non-paved, etc, I'll take the DL650 in a heartbeat.
It is seriously a "low fatigue" kind of ride.

And, as Pete's post implies, if you are not trying to do stunts or set land speed records, patiently picking your way through some very gnarly stuff is quite doable with the WeeStrom. Maybe I'm lucky, but with a 16T countersprocket and a very pliable FI/throttle, I can ease through steep rocky paths, up erosion ditches, across rock outcroppings, through gravel [ugggh], etc with a good bit of finesse. [mine has well-used bashplate and crashbars, knobby tires, etc]

i know nothing about F650...but the weestrom is more capable than I am.

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