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Zerodog et al,

The Mulege - Loreto area offers a wide range of moto-adventure possibilities.

The San Felipe-Gonzaga Bay-Coco's Corner-Bahia de los Angeles stretch is also a classic area to ride as this forum attests....and some folks seem to think Cabo San Lucas is a destination of worth (I think it is worth seeing and if you area yahoo who likes to get drunk and then get hung upside down and have a guy make you get more pissed ...Cabo is for you...but after seeing it I like to get out of their REAL quick....too many guys in shorts wearing sandals with white socks for my liking).

Of course, we all have our own ideas about what we think is cool and/or I can set myself up for criticism by judging some things in the way I do....but in the spirit of some of these ADV Rider posts. FYYFF if you don't agree with me....and FYYFF if you do agree (as this expression is not only a suggestion for others, it seems to be a great term of endearment... go figure !!!

Anyways, YFF's, here is some more....

Mulege is at the northern reach of Bahia Concepcion, a large bay that reaches about 30 kms in length and offers some spectacular beaches, camping opportunities, vistas, and riding.

From the sand dune beaches just south of the Pemex at the south end of Mulege (on the highway), one can see the northern tip of the peninsula on the east side of Bahia Concepcion....

We took a day to do a loop around Bahia San Nicholas at the south end of Concepcion. As we preferred to avoid riding pavement along the coast of B of C from Mulege, we opted to load the bikes in the truck and ride from Isla Requeson near the south end of the Bay......

Isla Requeson is unique in that it has an isthmus that joins it to the peninsula (remember that Baja is a peninsula and cannot be referred to as "the mainland"), a phenomenon that creates a spectacular setting...

We parked at the shack which seemed to be the location for the jefe of the beach ...

I paid the guy for parking and determined that we would be back by 4:00 pm , mas o menos, and explained that we were going to San Sebastion y San Nicholas por la dia....

Oh, Oh....I have just been called to dinner....back with the rest of the day in a bit....
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