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Originally Posted by dirty_sanchez
A Lumen is a unit of measurement which refers to the amount or quantity of light emitted from a bulb.

Kelvin is a unit of measurement for the color temperature. It may very well refer to the light frequency, not really sure. Think of a rainbow, the bluish/purplish side measures higher on the kelvin scale in the 10,000 kelvin to 12,000 kelvin, while the yellow side of the rainbow has a lower kelvin number say around 2000 kelvin.

Lights with a higher kelvin number aren't what you want, unless you're after that blueish and even purplish light.

If I remember correctly, a 55w halogen bulb burns at 3500k, and emits around 1100 lumens.

HID conversion kits (most all are 35w) are available in all sorts of color temperatures, but right around 4000 to 4200k from what I understand gives off the most lumens

I got the 6000k HID conversion setup and they give off 3200 lumens each. If and when these bulbs ever burn out, I'll get the 4200k bulbs.

Yeah, I deal with these issues at work a lot, red light is in the 1500 to 2000 range, daylight can go up to 8k and is toward the blue spectrum but I think the standard daylight is around 5600 range. After the visible range is IR and then radio waves. Night vision goggles use the IR range that we can not see. Over half of the heat we feel in the summer from the ground is from IR or infrared radiation.

Usually resistance light bulbs (tungsten) produce heat that is usually in the IR range and visible light, bulbs that produce light by jumping electricity across a gap have very little resistance therefore very little heat and lots of lumens regardless of the frequency (Kelvin). Thats how your HID works, lots of voltage to jump the gap.

Hopefully this makes sense, I just got back from a party and have had way to much to drink. Your standard tungsten bulb is probably brighter in the IR range but thatís a story to tell when I am much more sober.

You did a very nice job detailing the installation, I hope to do that to my 640 before spring. Good info.
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