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Well my R100GSPD had got to where it would just slow down instead of stop. Took it to the dealer they said I had some random caliper off some random BMW, a bad rotor, unknown master cylinder, etc and I needed to pay them $1200 to fix my brakes. I got to reading and went and got my bike.

With the help of this thread I found a caliper from a 94 GSXR 1100 that is a 6 pot Tokico for a good deal on Ebay. My buddy made a bracket similar to the ones used here and so far it is much better than stock. I still think it has some real room for improvement though.

My brake line has a date, 03/89, so it is quite old. I've found a couple of places who will make custom SS brake lines so tomorrow I'm gonna call around to check on that. I'll need it to go to my factory master cylinder but with a banjo fitting on the caliper itself so it shouldnt be anything strange. Anybody know what thread pattern goes into the master?

After reading I'm still a little confused on changing the master cylinder out. As it is now the lever wont touch the throttle but still doesnt seem to have the clamping force I think it should. Will going to the bigger master help this? If so where would I get one? I see to get a BMW one but what do I need to tell the dealer to get that part? I'm not a mechanic by no means so any other advice is appreciated.

I'll get some pics in the next day or two.

Thanks for the thread, it saved me some money and improved my brakes.

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