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Pit crews can be had for as little as $125.00 for the Baja 500. If I were doing the Baja 1000 for the very first time, I'd either, A- Race the Baja 500 first for experience or if not that B- Race the Vegas to Reno for experience in day and night racing or C- race a lot of desert races to train for 100+ mile stints in the saddle. Those of us lucky to be living on the border can take rides more often into Mexico, both day and night.

Plan pre running into your vacation plans for the Baja races. Even if you only see the course once, it will be better than not at all. Contingency day, you can always pre run ther start out to 30 miles or so. Motorcycle/quad contingency consists of three sponsor's that I'm aware of? That and sign up and tech should take you all of 1 hour and your day is over.

For guys racing the night sections, the day time and night time looks way different. But seeing it at least once during the day will allow you to pick out reference marks so you dont get lost OR stop in the middle of the night and have to wait for the next bike/quad/buggy/truck to come by to reassure you are on the course. Baja is pitch black out at night during the 1000. That's step into your closet, close the door and turn out the light dark.

You enter the Pro Classes, you start that much further ahead of the TT and Class 1 buggies. Start in the Sportsman classes, you start much closer to the TT's and Class 1 buggies. It just depends on your comfort level. The farther up to the front you start, the less dust you will ultimately eat too. I think Score still allows up to eight guys on a team. For each person over 4, you pay $50.00 extra per. A 500 mile race with 8 guys relates to 60 miles per racer. For the Baja 1000, that comes down to 125 miles per racer. Just food for thought if you are looking to cut down costs involved with doing the whole thing yourselves.

Remember, at race end, someone owns that bike. Whether it be you or several of you, or someone else, the bike is yours to repair. Most Baja bikes need a top end job after race end (B1k). One little mistake (such as not screwing on the air cleaner correctly or tightly enough say at night) can cause you to suck enough silt to warrant a top end and possibly lower end job when the race is over. Race someones elses bike, they handle the pits and take that respnsibility. All food for thought is all that is. I raced a Baja 1000 back in the 90's and our bike came to the finish line with a rip in the air cleaner the next morning. One of us five guys was in a hurry and poked the mounting screw thru the element and not the mounting hole. End result, we all paid for a new top end, crank and shaft at race end.

Just another part of racing.

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