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Originally Posted by privateidaho
I just bought the 525 you see on, from a great fellow advrider, got it last week and have only put a couple hours on it, dirt road and a little singletrack. A couple things I can tell you already - it is waaay smoother vibration-wise than the LC4 - based on comparing it with my 03 625. I really like the 625 and I'm working on taming the vibes but for me anyway it is hand-numbing at certain revs. Make sure you compare and determine your vibration tolerance. Also I'm wondering about the aluminum subframe on the 525 as far as load carrying goes. It looks pretty wimpy but I'm going to trying it out with a 30lb or so backpack-camping style load and see if it breaks. It's also pretty simple and looks like you could reinforce it... someone has probably already done this...

The subframe is wimpy for sure. If you figure a way to reinforce it please post it up. I have been carrying about 20 lbs in my Mini Beta bag without issue, but I do ride with the bag closer to the seat than the license plate area, for added stability.

Check it.

Baja Designs kit, Moose front fender bag, XC tank and seat combo, Wolfman Enduro tank bag, Wolfman Mini Beta rear bag, Enduro Engineering bash plate. I just put a 50 tooth steel rear sprocket on last night to replace the worn stock 48 tooth aluminum one. It make a huge difference. Can't wait to test it out offroad. I got 2500 miles out of the stock chain and sprocket set. I'm also running Dunlop 606 front and rear. The rear is better than the previous Pirelli MT21 but I don't really like the front. I will probably go with something different up front next time. My next mod is going to be a Renazco seat. I am really tired of having a sore ass after every ride. (Insert gay joke here) Looks to me like a well built seat. The Corbin looks to block off the airbox.
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