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Making an RFS do adv riding is like entering a world cup cross country mountain biking event with a bmx bike. You can do it but it's gonna suck. After getting out of the woods, I took my 525 on the highway and immediately was lookiing to get off the next exit and ride the service road. The bike is so light and you're up so high, that I was just waiting to get blown underneath a tractor trailer. All the advantages that a street motorcycle has, speed, brakes, size, don't exist on a dirtbike on tarmac. Later that day I was in my car and a guy on a GS adv just flew by doing 80+ weaving through traffic on the West Side Highway. You ain't gonna see anyone do that on an RFS. BUT.... riding an all out dirtbike around town feels sooo illegal and fun that it's worth buying it even if you never take it out on dirt.
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