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We purchase some foods, sardines, ďlaughing cowĒ, bread, basic meal.
Normally we have enough gas to reach Foum Zguid, but to be safe we decide to refuel with 5 l each. Someone indicates a store at the exit of the town which is selling gas in jerry-can. Good.
We stop in front of the shop and now is time for rockín roll.
I put the crutch, unscrew the stopper of the tank, and I donít know why I decide to get out of the bike by the right-hand side. I must specify that I have short boots ( Iím a small guy ) and the bike is high
While wanting to pass my left leg over the motor bike, I hang with the heel the luggage, I lose balance, fall on the ground, on the bottom
In the movement I drag the bike down with me. I see the bike falling on me with the tank fully open, the gasoline runs on me with flood
I get up, and pick up the bike with a rage not contained.
I am soaked of gasoline from the feet to the belt
Obviously the gasoline starts to burn me you can imagine what (fortunately that nobody smoked in the corner)
Quickly I have the balls on fire. The legs a little also but there it is nothing.
I leave the boots, socks, bike pants, catch a bottle of water in my bag and pours it in the boxer shorts, `oh shit, my bollocks are burning because of the gas, it stingsĒ.
In record time I unpack the luggage (every morning it takes 20 to 30 mn to tie up ). I catch a boxer and my jean, Iím naked in the street, Iím pouring an other bottle of water, I wipe myself with a tee-shirt , I wear my pants, ouf itís going better.
A local guy goes out the shop and give me a roasting because of the striptease in the street ( we are in a muslim country ), Iím very sorry but it was urgent.
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