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Originally Posted by s4awd
Making an RFS do adv riding is like entering a world cup cross country mountain biking event with a bmx bike. You can do it but it's gonna suck. After getting out of the woods, I took my 525 on the highway and immediately was lookiing to get off the next exit and ride the service road. The bike is so light and you're up so high, that I was just waiting to get blown underneath a tractor trailer. All the advantages that a street motorcycle has, speed, brakes, size, don't exist on a dirtbike on tarmac. Later that day I was in my car and a guy on a GS adv just flew by doing 80+ weaving through traffic on the West Side Highway. You ain't gonna see anyone do that on an RFS. BUT.... riding an all out dirtbike around town feels sooo illegal and fun that it's worth buying it even if you never take it out on dirt.
+1... My 450EXC "dual sport" was ok on back roads, but I sure wouldn't want to take it on a highway! That was after the EE tall soft seat, Fastway pegs, etc. etc. Its an enduro bike, born & bred. It is what it is... For those not riding aggressively (hammering whoops, etc.), I would seriously recommend looking a DRZ. Its a better setup for a dual sport if not doing rougher enduro conditions. Also in that case, IMO, a 640 (or similar) may be just fine as well.

I'm not saying this to piss ppl off - go invest in whatever floats your boat. The KTM RFS's are great bikes, but if your not using them to what their strengths are, why not consider a more appropriate (& potentially less costly) set up?

As for the LC4, like everything else, its subjective. I find it to be a great dirt road / jeep trail bike, that's "ok" on road & in more technical terrain. Plenty of motor, hauls a lot of crap if you need to. Its tall (which I like), and can carry a lot of fuel. If riding technical terrain, I trim down the gas to about 3 gals & it carries the weight low (big handling difference!). Vibes are there, but are not a show stopper (8k miles on mine). That said, I also ride a 300XCW, so obviously I'm not vibe sensitive :) The vibes on either bike are much more noticable on road (same for RFS, but not as pronounced). I much prefer the LC4 to a RFS if any distance on the road is required.

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