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Said dgrs2:
What's the best thing to flush out the old crap with? I remember in the past Marzocci forks used to get some nast spooge in the bottom of them. That crap was real hard to get out without a tear down. Anything less viscous then oil recomended
As the fork oil is probably around 5 wt .. I would not use anthing lighter .. unless your stripping it down. Then meths, kero ... wot ever works for you...
If your not stripping it down then just drain and refill with normal fork oil, drain and refill say 1 week to a month later. Do the second drain imediately after a ride.
We should do a drian and refill at least every two years ... and that includes the brake fluid ... more frequently for higher performance / rugged conditions ... or more costly components that cost more when they ware out... its your bike and your money...

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