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Odyssey PC545, a work in progress (pics)

My bike's let me down a couple of times due to a flat battery. I hink one problem is that mud gets into the plug that takes the jiuce from the reg/rect to the battery, so it doesn't charge. But another problem is that the old OEM battery seems to have very little capacity left.

Having bodged an Odyssey battery into my beemer when I had it, I know they deserve their reputation. I also know they only come in "awkward" sizes

Here's the OEM battery next to an Odyssey PC545. I picked the 545 as it was closest to the height of the original, the 535 is narrower but taller, as I recall.

The PC545 came with a "metal jacket", but I've removed that. It came in handy though.

Here's the space on the bike you have to work with. I've removed the original plastic battery box and all the associated brackets that the reg/rect, solenoid and fuel pump are mounted onto. (A free Mars Bar to the first person who can say what that heap of scrap metal in the background to this photo is!)

I cut some sheet metal (1.5mm mild steel) and welded some extra plate onto the sides of the Odyssey "metal jacket". Welded a strip across the bottom for strength, and added a bracket at the font to hold the reg/rect, and prongs on the right side to hold the solenoid.

I welded captive nuts onto the reg/regt bracket and the mountings at the sides.

That makes it all sound very easy, but it has taken me literally days to get this new box to fit into the space available. One problem is that of course you have to leave room for the bash plate to screw into place. I'm using the original four mounting bolts to hold the new box in, but at first, in an effort to raise the battery to avoid conflict with the bash plate, I made the bolt holes in it too low, and when I assembled it all with the battery in place, the battery fouled the bolts. Hence the extra welded sections at the top :)

I've only recently learned how to weld, hence the rather rough workmanship here :) It's a working prototype though, at some point in the future I'll probably make one properly using these dimensions.

This shows how it all goes together, obviously the wires need tidying up a bit. I had to flatten out the terminals on the ends of the wires to the battery, as the original design had them bent at 90 degrees. The terminals on the Odyssey battery are in a differnt place, but the original wires were long enough.

A view from the right showing the solenoid in position.

And with the metal "lid" of the battery void in position. The astute among you will notice I haven't mounted the fuel pump yet. I think there's room for it on the left side of the new battery box, I shall find out during the week when I have time to work on this again :)

I think I'll have to trim the fuel pipes going to the pump and mount it vertically, sort of how it is in this next picture but attached to the battery box.

Another task yet to finish is to reroute the fuel tank balance pipe, I think probably just shorten it and take it straight across the underside of the metal "lid".

I'll post pics of the finished job when it's done :)
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