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Originally Posted by John E Davies
are there ANY rocks in Dakar(
Does the Saguaro grow every desert in the US? Are all desert towns like Las Vegas? When TV/Movies/Ads show us something spectacular, it doesn’t mean the whole world is like that. Just like you said, they like to show us what looks good on camera. Actually the route looks more like this:

Day 6


Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Originally Posted by John E Davies

I fall a LOT more than those pro Dakar riders do - if I had alloy pannier tanks I could never go off pavement ;(
I wouldn’t be so sure. To my understanding most riders crash/tip over several times during the race.

Originally Posted by Descalzo

IMO it really depends on your individual definition of adventure & just how much maintenece you're willing to put up with.

The rfs isn't an LC4. A LC4 isn't an LC8. They're all built for different purposes & they all have different lifespans.

The real question you need to ask yourself is what's your purpose?
I agree this, but not entirely with your BTW comment.

Originally Posted by Descalzo

BTW- could we all stop using the Paris/Dakar rally as some form of "gold standard" to judge the long term adventure "worthiness" of any particular ride
What else we could use as a “gold standard” to judge adventure bikes? Should we ride what the locals use in the Sahara: small, simple, late seventies - early eighties two-strokes like TS125s?

The Dakar bikes feed our imagination. The rally doesn’t guarantee the long term worthiness, but if you can race the bike 8000 km/5000 miles, it should stay together in my use much longer. That’s especially true for frame, suspension, fairing and almost all other components than engine.

Originally Posted by alfaris

Dakar bikes are built and re-built each night at the vibouac. Is not a trustable endurance reference.
True, but you should realize that it’s just the normal maintenance interval for a modern race bike (like EXC). Personally I wouldn’t like to do that so often, but if you do the maintenance, you should be able to use the EXC as an adventure bike. At least, for a weekend adventures.

Originally Posted by alfaris

It is just about using the right tool for the right job.
Couldn’t be more true.
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