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Originally Posted by Jan from Finland

I agree this, but not entirely with your BTW comment.

What else we could use as a “gold standard” to judge adventure bikes? Should we ride what the locals use in the Sahara: small, simple, late seventies - early eighties two-strokes like TS125s?

The Dakar bikes feed our imagination. The rally doesn’t guarantee the long term worthiness, but if you can race the bike 8000 km/5000 miles, it should stay together in my use much longer. That’s especially true for frame, suspension, fairing and almost all other components than engine.
oh are you serious?! A purpose built Dakar machine has no more in common to a new EXC that you might buy, than a Chevy at the dealership has in common with whoever/whatever won the most recent NASCAR race.

I've no intention of Hi-jacking this thread further than it's gone so I'll briefly address the items you mentioned:

The frame? Hmm... nope-sorry. Stock EXC's don't come with billet headtubes, frame overlays, reinforcements or the gussets welded in. Hmm..just not much in common with what you can buy out of the showroom aside from the basic building block it's based on. Take a close look next time you see a bike/photo stripped naked.

Suspension? Opps-nope. Complete aftermarket items. Nothing in common with what you can get outta the showroom. (custom machined billet goodies inside those pretty aftermarket legs too)

Fairing? A fairing? Hmm, no. EXC's don't have fairings... Must be aftermarket (Mecca) - oh dear.

All other components? Oh shoot- vast majority is all aftermarket again! Dangit!! Rims, hubs, spokes, seats, tanks, pipes, plumbing, electrical, Ti nuts & bolts. Geez, KTM just doesn't sell that stuff.

Engine? Oh lets see... hmmm well the cases, the cylnder, and the head castings are KTM. The crank-no, the piston-no, the valves - no, the clutch -no, The tranny! that must be the durable factory part you're talking about! Oh, no custom re-geared units. (& with a smattering of billet thrown in - just like KTM sells you right?)

Huh, I guess those Dakar bikes really are just like what you can buy from the dealer aren't they? AND since those PURPOSE BUILT Dakar bikes stand up so well, that EXC must be able to take anything you can dish out. Especially after you drop the same $15-20K to make it just like a Dakar bike.

Sorry for the smart-a** reply,

We'd all be better off if we learned about what's really being raced (in any race) before we make the erroneous conclusion that it's the same thing sitting in the showroom. They're not. Typically, aside from the basic design all they've got in common are the gas tank stickers.
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