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Hi, everybody.
This thread is great!
I've been toying with the idea of a small touring machine for some time now.
I didn't know there were any other crazy people out there like me.
I like the xt225 and the tw200. I did the MSF course on the tw200.
In the tight figure eights, that thing will almost hover.

TheOtherBart, here's and idea for you on a cheap camping stove.
You need the following:
1 empty cat food can.
some cardboard.
1 box of canning wax.

cut the cardboard into a long strip with the width equal to the height of the inside of the can.

role the cardboard up so it fits snugly into the can.

melt the wax and pour slowly onto the cardboard so it soaks in. Continue pouring till the wax is just below the top of the cardboard.

The paper acts as a candle wick.
they usually burn for around 6 to 8 hours, are waterproof and take up little space.

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