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Hey CP

Sorry Mouse for a brief digression

Above 40 F half choke, below I use full on choke. The bike fires immediately in cold weather with full choke and will stall in a second or two. Repeat two, three, four, five tries (one second hit on the starter) and it will hold barely at idle then will slowly jump up to the high idle, still at full choke. If the bike doesn't hold at idle by the fifth hit on the starter it's a no go. While warming up anything less than full choke, the rpms drop to 1000 or stalls.

I've had two Yuasa batteries, first was dead from the factory. I was going to try to shoe horn the Odyssey in similar to what Mouse is doing now but went with a replacement Yuasa that is supposed to have 250 CCA. So far the old Yuasa battery has been better on cold starts.
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