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Originally Posted by lagcam
Oh, be still my beating heart. I've always wanted something like that RGV. A guy in my town had an NSR250 and I fell in love. I had an RD350 for a while, and it was way faster than the Suzy 500, at least if felt like it was! But being realistic, I'll probably end up getting either the baby Ninja, or an XT225/DR200.

I need to look into the differences between the XT and the DR. I see the XT has a six speed while the DR has five. Anybody ever ridden both to give us a good comparison?
I forgot to say, the baby Ninja is a good machine, but it is absolutely outshadowed by the Hyosung Comet GT250. The fit and finish on the Hyosung seems to be superior, and the engine is even more impressive. The engine runs like sewing machine and really has good perceived power. You find yourself asking, "Is this really a 250?" I had the pleasure of test riding one last summer.

You can get a new one for around $2000 if you can find an unsold 2005 or 2006. I saw a brand new one on ebay last week in Pennsylvania that sold for around $1500. But then of course you'd have to contend with the almost non-existant dealer network once you got the machine. Still, the machine amazed me when I test rode it. (maybe Hyosung was able to do well with it because they are involved in producing SV650's)
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