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Originally Posted by Lorretto
I stopped when I went to a motorcycle show and found the CCA ratings to compare the Odyssey with the Yuasa. I think The 545 Odyssey was 185 CCAs and the Yuasa was 220 CCAs. I know nothing about batteries and whether the CCA ratings are the real deal for a baseline measurement.
I think CCA is probably a useful measurement, but remember the starter motor in the KTM probably takes about 30 to 40 amps, so whether your battery can deliver 185 amps or 220 is a bit academic.

Either the Odyssey or the Yuasa, if in good condition, would be more than suited to the task. However, in my (limited) experience, plain lead / acid batteries like the Yuasa don't stay in top condition for very long. I had a new battery (Yuasa) under warranty in my BMW after about 6 months, and admittedly I'm the 2nd owner of the KTM but its battery was weak from the day I bought it.

What makes the Odyssey a win for me is its resilience, it doesn't need maintenance charging and it can cope with deep discharge. So they claim anyway! Time will tell on that one :)
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