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more info on the GT250

By the way, Hyosung is claiming a dry weight for their GT250 Comet as 341 pounds.

Gryphon12, I know the source for that 441 pound weight error...the LA Times ran an article last fall about small bikes which contained a typo...they said the GT250 had a 441 pound dry weight. It was a misprint, and they later printed a correction.

So you can see that the GT250 is only moderately heavier than a Ninja 250. The GT250 is simply a bigger bike with a bigger works better for average size (200 pound) people like me. The little Ninja, which was hellaciously fun, by the way, was bottoming it's fork springs very severely on braking...really needed help.

Also, the Comet GT250 does not have dual disc brakes. It's a single disc. The GT650 has dual discs.

So with the male-slider inverted forlk and the single disc, the GT250 should have less unsprung weight on the front. No wonder it feels more advanced.

I don't own either of these bikes, so I don't have any loyalty to either....and I like them both a lot.

But take them for a ride back-to-back, you'll see. It's obvious the GT250 is in a class above the Ninja 250. It feels like comparing 1980's technology with post-2000 technology.
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