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GT250 Comet vs. GT250R


Thanks for the update. We might also be talking a bit at cross purposes. The Comet is an upright naked while the GT250R is a race-replica. Think (literally) SV-650 vs SV650S. The GT250R is definitely a lower riding position than the Ninja. I've riden it locally (Seattle), and it does have dual disks. I've also seen the shop manual. It is the same frame as the GT650R (also a race-replica, with the precursor of the current Suzuki SV motor). They both must have the new frame that you were talking about.

I got the dry weight from the Hyosung brochure for the 2006 GT250R, and it is claimed at 408 lbs. With the heavier frame, dual disks, and bodywork, that might make sense in comparison to the naked Comet at 341 lbs. On the other hand, the dry weight of the GT650R is 463 lbs (where the current SV-650S is claimed at 372 lbs.). Of course, some discrepancies will exist with / without the battery, etc.

I agree that the GT250R feels more like a "full sized" machine. The Ninja 250 runs on 16" wheels, and standard 17" wheels and a 650 class frame make a huge difference.

To me, the Ninja 250 is 1988 technology with minor updates, while the GT250R is 1998 technology (without the 1998-vintage GSXR brakes and suspension). Still, it is a really good effort at a terrific price point. I just can't see myself buying a GT250-R that weighs more than the current SV-650S (which itself also lacks a modern suspension and brakes). The Comet doesn't ring my bell. What to do? I guess I just really like the Ninja 250 riding community, too!

I'm glad that you really like the Hyosung. I believe that they will be successful and have only one way to go - UP!

I don't know where I got the "Chinese" bit. I knew that they co-developed the early Suzuki SV motor. My brain needs a reset.

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