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Originally Posted by Solaros1
One of Peter Egan's best ever stories was the tale of his camping trip to northern Wisconsin on a 50cc step through Honda - he was riding with a friend on a ten-speed bicycle and the speeds were pretty evenly matched. He said the friends powerbar consumption was greater than the gasoline the Honda used on the trip.
Had a good laugh on that one. A rival company (Peak Bars) to Powerbar advertises that their bars don't taste like construction adhesive.


Good idea on the stove, would be great survival kit item. For me I use a Coleman Peak system that uses a remote type fuel bottle. My reason is that it uses the same fuel as my bike and is kept filled to serve as an emergency reserve. That pint bottle's worth of fuel could give me 10-15 miles worth in a pinch.

Looking at it from another angle; if the weather locked me down for several days (figure cold/wet) I could use fuel from the bike's tank to keep the stove going thus keeping me supplied with warm food and drinks.


Did my first trackweekend on my 250 Ninja, bike did fine but I soon jumped ship and went to a 250 2 stroke. On another note, had the same issue regarding the insurance on the baby Ninja but in my case it's premium beat out another bike I had that had 3X the hp of the 250's (28).

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