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Wicked Another Norway report, maybe not

There is snow on the streets here now and I look forward to drive my bike when the season starts. Meanwhile, I managed to put pictures and thoughts together to report the fantastic Norway trip I did in the summer of 2005.

Across Norway with Swedish BMW club, 2005

After trying the BMW GS model in my 2004 trip in Pyrenees, I decided to buy a new model of GS, a R1200GS.

After buying a BMW, I thought that it would be a good idea to join the BMW club of Sweden. This is a very well established club with over 5000 members. The club has its own website, forum, a two monthly journal, training programs and motorcycle trips.
In 2005, the club decided to have its yearly meeting in northern part of Sweden, a national park area called Björkliden. This area is close to the city of Kiruna, roughly 1200km north of Sweden. It is very cold up there (around -20 degrees and below) in the winter time and dark but in the summer time the sun doesn’t go down for a while. There were two trips reaching this area, one through Finland and the other one through Norway. After talking to the organizer of the Finland trip, I realized that most of the driving will be through thousands of lakes in Finland and curvey roads start at the northern part of the country close to the Norwegen border whereas Norway is a paradise of curvey roads, I did drive car there before with my brother. We both loved the country, actually my brother loved Norwegen girls a lot too So the decision was not so difficult I called the organizer of the Norway trip, he is from south of Sweden, a area called Skåne. This part of Sweden has a strong dialect and I learned Swedish only five years ago. I am Turkish originally. Anyway, I asked my questions like which roads we will drive, what kind of bikes etc. Then Thomas starts to talk, I understand maybe 10% of what he says After 5 minutes of telephone conversation, I barely understood that there is a small group of people from Stockholm who will join the Skåne group in Oslo. Great, I can understand Stockholm dialect; I better call one of these guys. After talking to Stefan from Stockholm, I learn that we will be around 20 people. Thomas has organized successful and fun trips before. Sounds good plus my skånish will improve

But a thougt strikes me, a trip with 20-25 people! I am used to travel by myself, those who read my reports in the Alps and Spain know that. I am used to the freedom of driving as I like, staying wherever I want, putting my tent and looking at the stars. Kind of a lonely wolf one can say. I don’t want this trip to turn into a school trip. Tour leader decides on everything. Sometimes I want to drive fast maybe civilized BMW club members wouldn’t appreciate that, who knows. My girlfriend convinces me at the end. “Just try it, if it gets boring, say bye and continue the trip by yourself” I realize how wrong I was after the second day of the trip.

The 10 day trip had the following route.

The Stockholm team drove towards Oslo and then we met the rest on the west. Then we all start driving towards north, all the way to Lofoten, then towards east to Sweden.

to be continued....
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