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We leave Stockholm 22nd of July. Our plan is to overnight somewhere after Oslo and the day after meet the group from south of Sweden to take the Lysefjord boat. After Oslo, we will follow the following route.

As you can see in the map below, if we miss the boat then we have to drive towards south to reach the destination. An unnecessary trip.

A little bit info about my packing in this trip. I guess I learned to pack very compact after my other trips. For 10 days I had a tankbag and a plastic roll. All these items fit into my packing

  • ducktape
  • airpressure gauge
  • BMW original tire repair kit
  • engine oil (well it is a boxer right )
  • leatherman
  • photo camera
  • ipod
  • underwear, functional undergarment, couple of t-shirts
  • raincoat, extra warm clothes, extra gloves
  • shampoo, soap etc..
I was impressed myself that all these things fit into the packing.

The Stockholm team is giving a break. We were 2 R1200GS, 1 R1150GS and 1 K1200LT.

As you can see, Stefan and I have different packing philosophies

Meanwhile, the south of Sweden team is boarding to the boat which will take them from Sweden to Oslo. They will have a nice journey with a lot of beers

On the right side, Thomas the leader and planner of the tour.

Stockholm team passes Oslo and we stay in a small town. Lodging is expensive in Norway and there are few hotels outside of big towns. We find a hostel. In general the quality of these hostels are quite good.

After checking in to our rooms, we take a short walk in the small town. Then we eat the most expensive pizza in the world

Next day, we drive towards west to the harbour where the boat will take us through a fjort. We reach a highland with a lake and give a coffee break.

We approach the small harbour where the boat will take us to Lysefjord. The road down is quite curvy.

We arrive to the seaside and wait for our friends from south Sweden.

This cute young couple join our team while we are waiting for the rest.

The south of Sweden group arrives in last minute. Apparently, they had to speed some. We are talking about Norway here, maximum speed limit is 100 km/h on highways and they arent many. Rest is 80 km/h maximum speed. It looks like couple of bikers couldnt make it and had to drive around The ones who made it to the boat relax with a beer

Here, Bertil is enjoying the boat ride. As a former cross motorcycle sportsman, he is still very competitive. I overtook him once on the road and he wasnt long behind me trust me

Now, some views from the Lysefjord. These fjord formations are amazing!

Sometimes we see these small farms in the middle of the fjord. Most of them have access only from water I heard.

I look more carefully for trolls, you know these small ugly creatures.

and I see the face of one troll, can you see?

After a fantastic boat ride, we drive only 10 mins and arrive to hiking station at Preikestolen.

The view of the station from above.

After checking in, Thomas, Lars, Thor and I have some more energy. We decide to take a short ride around. After a high tempo driving of 1 hours, we take the boat back to where we stay. I get a feeling that this trip is going to be great

to be continued...
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