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The Sunday "view" ride

I didn't make it back for the Saturday night BBQ so I trucked my bikes out Sunday morning. The bikes being my 640 Adventure (for me) and my 520EXC (for my friend Todd). Upon arrival, I discovered I was sort of the "leader" of this ride since I'd come up with the loop. Hmmm, gearheart's place was spread out and I couldn't figure out exactly who was going. Kind of like herding cats. Someone suggested starting a bike and the herd would form. I found out if it's ADVcats, it works!!! Post haste, we had our assemblage of riders. I guess nobody wanted to be "THAT GUY!!!"

The Bradshaw guys from the day before lead the way from gearheart's place to the Bradshaw Trail. The projected loop looks like this:

Per Streets and Trips, that is about 94 miles. Once on the Bradshaw trail, we all headed generally in an easterly direction. It's a huge wash at this point and I prefer busting brush rather than riding the sandy ruts of the main trails. We all spread out through the wash and were having a grand time. So grand that a few overshot the turn to Red Canyon. Everyone was really good on this ride about checking on the riders following so we all regrouped shortly at the start of Red Canyon Tr. I started up what I thought was the correct trail, decided it was the wrong trail, led us down another trail, discovered I had been on the correct trail, and led us back up to the correct trial we'd been on. Imgonnasnap stopped a short ways up. I rode up and was rewarded with a beautiful view of a red rock canyon below. He stated the obvious - "looks like this is the right trail." Some leader. Hopefully the fun of this trail made up for the miscue. It turns, swoops, bumps, and jumps along a ridge line. It was so much fun that I didn't stop to take photos. Hopefully, some of the others snapped some.

Next up was Chiriaco Summit. We gassed up and then had some ice cream. I think a Parker race had finished as there were several race buggies on trailers heading back to smeL.A. I spied Eddie Mulder (seen in Dust to Glory at one of Mouse McCoy's pit stops) in a van there. We used canal and powerline dirt roads along with a bit of cross country on the north side of I-10 to work our way east so we could cross south under I-10 onto Red Cloud Mine Road.

Next up was HIGHlight of the ride because we were riding high. I'd been wanting to ride up this road but never took the time. Thanks to some visitors, I now took the time. On the map above, it's number 12. Somewhere around WWII, this road was constructed to put in radio (and now cellular) repeaters.There's a gate down low but you can ride around it on motorcycles. After that, I think it's safe to say this is the steepest road I've ever ridden on. Now for some photos.

Our group

The view of the repeaters

And the road down as seen from the top looking down. You may be able to see a tiny little rider on the road.

You can just make out I-10 to the right and the canal beyond that.

? Kennedy had to head home from here and headed back to the I-10. He'd ridden out from Venice that morning, done this much of the ride with us, and now had to ride home to Venice. Probably made for a 400 mile day.

We continued up Red Cloud Mine Road to Red Cloud Mine. Here's Dustjunkie trying to kill his boot odor.

Dustjunkie and I (on the 520 EXC) played around on some of the side roads checking out the mining stuff. Good, fun technical trails.

For the ride back, make sure to take Gas Line Road. If you look at it on the map, it looks boringly straight. And straight it is. BUT !!!! they put in water bars about every 1/2 mile that are just right taken at around 50 mph
on my 640 Adventure. Whoopeeee!!!! I tried a few a bit faster but the crunching noises convinced me that 50 was just fine.

After that, it was a dusty blast back down the Bradshaw to camp. How do you tell if the fella in the photos is just happy, or a happy dirt biker???
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