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Originally Posted by SIKLR250
I also have an interest in 2 strokes, particularly the RD250. Always keeping an eye out for a Bantam as well.
Always had a soft spot for the RD125 and almost went after an ebay listed one 11/04. Decided to pass because of parts availability and fuel changes. With the current fuel game I prefer the 4 strokes for touring. Back in early 70's when I bought my first bike I remember seeing a Yammie TA125 and of course the RD125 reminded me of that TA.

I don't know about the rest of you MTers out there but many of the current Japanese entry level DS bikes are looking "cheaper" to me in fit, finish, and component details these days (better engineering?). I do realize the market impact that the Chinese and other low cost (slave labor?) manufacturing nations are having around the world and expect they will eventually take over this segment. Even my 2000 KE100 was built/assembled in the Philippines.

Nearly 400lbs for a 250 is not the way for me though this may work for others. I prefer the 250-300lb window as my max unloaded, just the right amount for me and I really like the DR200SE's fuel capacity and range despite it's shortcomings.

BTW, what kind of range do you Super Sherpa riders get. Are there larger tanks available?

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