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Originally Posted by leesbian
OK, serious now - with the correct mods, oil cooler, better seat, probably one of those cam throttle things...

Is this the kind of bike that could do a 40,000 mile RTW trip? (none of this 2 or 3 day trip nonsense!)

I've looked at the Let's build a DS KTM 525 thread, and it all looks doable, but... my worries are :

Fuel Consumption / Range

The other bike I am considering is an XR400, which is more reliable (engine not highly tuned, air cooled, no electronic black boxes to go wrong), and has better fuel consumption/range (I really don't wanna get stranded in the middle on Mongolia).

Which I've these two bikes would be the best for this task?

I'm thinking that is going to have to be the Honda...
I wouldn't personally bring EITHER of these bikes on a RTW trip. John is right about the is too high strung for that. The 400 would be small for me. I'd be looking at a 650, be it a KLR, XR, or DR. Just my opinion.
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