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Next day is our off-day and we plan to see the famous Preikestolen rock formation. This famous rock is about 640 meters above the sea level. We leave the hiking station around 10 am.

As we ascend, the hiking station disappears from sight.

And we see the lake in front of the hiking station

After hiking about 30 minutes we reach a plateu and this small lake. There were some crazy young people swimming in it. From their screams, I guessed that it was quite cold in the water

Some team members are taking a break. I can see in some people's face the question "is this a biking trip or hiking trip". I hope this famous rock is worth it.

We continue walking and see the sea finally. Then we realize how high we are!

We must be very close to this rock. A narrow passage close to the rock wall is waiting for us.

As we turned the corner, we see the magnificient Preikestolen rock

It is really amazing! A block of rock rising 600 mts from sea level.

This block of rock is about 25X25mt big. The view from the top is breaktaking.

The ones who are not afraid of height sit close to the edge but many other didn't dare to come close to the edge.

Some of our friends are brave but look how he is holding to the rock

Thure is posing next to his piece of art.

The view is very special. I can't describe it with words or pictures, you have to experience yourself. You get a urge to fly so high up.

Unfortunately, it is time to walk back before it gets dark. Bye Preikestolen, I promise I will be back.

After some downhill hiking

We arrive at our hiking station with its great view

We deserved cold beers and endless discussions about tires, engines and oils

Tomorrow, we will start driving towards north.

to be continued.....
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