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Next day we are rested and ready to drive. The hiking station was nice, but the food wasn't great according to my taste. Actually if you have nice expectations on food, I would say lower them when you visit Norway I am Turkish, so good food is essential for my well being and kharma so I was actually little concerned that the food will be like this for next ten days but Thomas assured me that the quality will be better in coming days

Final preparations before we leave.

My buddy Lars Eve gives the OK sign! We had great fun together. We were kind of crazy young kids of the group and loved to piss of Bertil (the former motocross sportsman) Lars also joined us in some gravel road driving with his K75. The bike and himself performed very well but he also realized that he is a natural born GS driver. Now he drives a GS.

Today's route is about 300 kms and our destination is a small town called Ullvik.

Thomas planned the trip in good detail, each day we had some alternative routes, with different scene or gravel roads. We had such an alternative today too.

After 40 minutes we come to a ferry station. In Norway, these ferries are a necessity to continue driving. Most of them have frequent time schedules. Because of these ferries and very curvy roads, average speed is less than one plans on the map

While waiting for ferry, a sausage tastes good.

Group leaders and people driving last were wearing these reflective vests that Thomas distributed. I can strongly recommend them, I use them myself in long drives. Visibility helps a lot.

Finally we are on the ferry. The nord wind blows hard and chilly. I can't imagine how it can be in the winter time.

After the ferry, some groups follow the main route and give a lunch break in a small town.

Afterwards, they drive on this damm

and take some photos of this nice lake

They also meet some snow in July

Meanwhile we follow the alternative route and face this nice scenery

Then we meet Thure in a small town by coincidence. He made a mistake and left with bad tire from Sweden. Finally his tire gives up and he ends up in a tricky situation. It can be difficult to find a matching tire to his 1200 LT in Norway and it can be really expensive. But he has luck. He finds some kind of Chinese tire and can continue driving.

All groups meet at this nice waterfall called Latefoss. It was impressive I have to say. I would like to come there earlier time of day to skip all tourists to take more pictures.

Our reliable adventure companions are waiting patiently for us

We continue driving to Ullvik. The scenery gives you a freedom feeling plus the weather was great during the whole trip. Weather can be tricky in Norway and it can rain non stop but I was lucky myself. I have been driving in Norway two times and both trips had decent amount of sunshine. Late July seems to be a good time to travel to Norway.

We arrive at Ullvik and the hotel we stayed was really nice with decent food. (as I said, we Turks get impressed by food very difficult, used to our own good food you know )

After dinner, Thomas goes over tomorrows route and it sounds like we will have more fun.

to be continued...
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