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To be 100% honest with you...I was talking to my dealer, who I trust completely, about oil coolers. He is of the opinion that here on the East coast they are not needed. If you are on the West coast, or riding alot of sand where your throttle is pinned all day, then if would be an important addition. Also, my pavement is limited since I live 5 minutes from the National Forest. I have noticed that my bike burns a little oil on extended pavement runs, so if I had that to contend with I would have kept the cooler. I am NOT saying they are not worthwhile, but for me and my riding style I think that it is not worth the $400 price tag. For a lot of people, this is a worthwhile addition, just not for me. This is just my opinion (and his) and I have no facts to support this other than it makes logical sense to me. I change my oil every 500 miles, and am just about to do the 2nd valve adjustment...2500 miles on the bike in 6 months and no complaints. People make these bikes to be so much more destructible than they really are.

I will take some pics of the bracket set up later this afternoon...I gotta go de-algae the side of my house!
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