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Originally Posted by flux_capacitor
I have a Wolfman Mini Beta rear bag I have been using without a rack with zero issues. I think I posted pics of it already but if I didn't I will be glad to do so, just let me know. I also have the Wolfman Enduro tank bag...I never take it off. The Mini Beta hold my sleeping bag, one man tent, 3 changes of clothes, pillow, toiletries, cooking stuff, all with no problem. I ran into a guy on ktmtalk who fabbed me a bracket which mounts in the 2 holes that hold the exhaust onto the bike. This bracket keeps my bag and plastic off the pipe very well and only cost me a little money.
I'll do a bit of investigation into luggage this week - wolfman and dirt bagz are top of the list. Is the rack necessary?

Other than the mini beta, do you use any hanging panniers? I guess if you can carry everything you've listed in that 1 bag then other bags will be a bit of overkill... planning on taking similar kit, probably also with a pack om my back with camera, camelbak, waterproofs etc. If you could post a picture that would be great.

Originally Posted by flux_capacitor
I have a Renazco seat being worked on this weekend so when it arrives I will post some pictures up for you. My bony butt could not last 15 minutes on the stocker.
That would also be great, although I think I'm gonna order mine tomorrow anyway. What design did you go for? I'm thinking all black suede with orange stitching

Originally Posted by flux_capacitor
A cush hub is a rubber dampenned wheel which would ease the stress on the drivetrain. Do a quick search, there is plenty of info on it. LC4 rear wheels are cush hub equipped and would fit, but are hard to find used at a decent price. Contact cmwoody with Woody's Wheel Works...he will make you one up. Also, I believe he was working on a billet cush hub for these bikes..not sure if that ever came to fruition or not.
Unfortunately, I'm not in the States - shipping something heavy like a wheel is far too expensive. If a LC4 rear will do what I want, I'll try and source one... never know, being in Europe, where KTM are, maybe I'll get one direct from them for a reasonable price...

Originally Posted by flux_capacitor
Go with the Scotts damper as all the research I have been doing lately says it is the better one (I have no firsthand experience with this) as it has a high speed AND a low speed adjuster. As I understand it, Scotts owns the patent on this and all other dampers have only one setting.
OK, I'll look into this too...

Originally Posted by flux_capacitor
Also, you are talking about wiring GPS into the bike...not sure of your other electrical plans but the stock stator cannot handle many additional items. To give you an idea: I have a Baja Designs kit installed, and I want heated grips and an 80/80 watt bulb. I am told I need at least a stator rewind.
I hadn't considered this, so thanks for bringing it up! yeah... GPS will be wired in, I want to get some heated grips too (they're SO useful on the BMW...), and I guess I want to try and get something arranged so I can recharge camera batteries on the move too. I saw on another thread there were aftermarket stators kicking out 185 watts, so I may just go for one of those...

Shopping list is growing... looks like I need about $2000 in parts!

When it all arrives I'm only going to have about a week to put it all together too!
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