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My mini-ADVtour rig -

In 30+ yrs. of riding, I've toured on a number of bigger bikes - IMO, there are many advantages to touring on a small displacement motorcycle (simplicity, weight, cost, efficiency, etc...)... one of the more important ones being their conservative power more-or-less "limits" the rider to sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the surroundings. For me, it's all about getting lost on backroads... the less-traveled/more remote, the better.

Set up camp, unload the bike, and spend a few days exploring the local trails/roads in the area. Dirt cheap adventuring - can't beat it!!

Although the general ergonomics of a small-ish DS can be pretty close to ideal in terms of long-range comfort, the seats themselves often leave something to be desired (narrow, stiff, poorly shaped, etc...). After playing around with a half-dozen or so types of foam for my KLR's seat (including Seargent's Super-Cell Atomic foam), I settled on multiple layers of 6 lb. Lowe's 1/2" carpet padding (small bluish-greenish-yellow urethane foam chunks, glued together). Feels very firm at first (just like a Corbin), but magically conforms to my boney arse within a few minutes... and is all-day comfy. Superior comfort to the others I tried, and widely available/cheap.

FWIW, I spend the majority of the time on the KLR250 @ 50-55 mph (a comfortable engine speed for extended periods w/16t c-shaft sprocket) - and the little burro's counterbalanced engine is remarkably smooth... vibration is not an issue, whatsoever. 70+ mpg, fully loaded.

I've only had the chance to do a handful of 3-4 day weekends (500-700 mi. per) so far - but if I had the $$ and time, I wouldn't hesitate to hop on it tomorrow and cross the country. (Arrgh... If only!!)
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