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Originally Posted by Outwardbound
My wife's DR200SE arrives next Saturday. Since I have my KLR set up just like I want it, the DR becomes my winter project. First thing is off with the muff and carb and ship them to Keintech for mods. Next is gearing; but I have a question or two that maybe you can help me with....

1. Which sprocket to change ? Is a larger counter-sprocket (the one on the engine side) available thru Suzuki, or do I have to order it online ? Is it the same part number as that for the DRZ400 ? (or a unique DR200SE-only part) Is there a favored website that sells these things (I presume so...)

2. Once I chg the countersprocket, will I need to add links to the chain, or can the difference be adjusted out on the swingarm ?

3. Are stronger springs available ? My KLR was heinously undersprung, seemingly designed for a 120# rider. I changed front and rear, now it's perfect! My guess is that even at high degrees of preload the sag will be excessive.

4. Is there a Clymer manual available ? Even the Google search doesn't list one....

Thanks for the help. MinTourers are beginning to get the respect they deserve !

On my 97 DR200SE the OEM final is 15:45. You can check but if I remember right there are no other options available from Suzuki. However, Sprocket Specialities will make you wheel sprockets but not sure if they offer a counter sprocket, you would probably want a 16 if it will clear and they offer one.

The 200 engine will pull like a mule with the OEM final but will come up short in the top end dept(darn 5spd). A decent compromise is to try a 15:42 final (reduce wheel sprocket size for more top end and links would need to removed from OEM chain length). You still have good low end performance plus another 6mph at the top. I'm tempted to try a 15:40 but it may to tall at the bottom.

I've stated this before so others must be tired of hearing this but I set my bikes up at a "cruise" rpm (you private pilots and marine operators know what I mean) where the engine runs easy and on the 200 that works out to be 4500-4800 rpm. With a large load, headwinds, or grades you may have to increase that a bit.

With the OEM final that is about 37 mph and with the 15:42 about 42-45mph (4500-4800). I travel at this "cruise" but there are times I have to pick it up to manage traffic and once clear resume my cruise.

I run a stock engine system with the extended pilot screw offered by Jesse. I want to keep the bike as quiet as possible and like the current mileage and range. If I have to have more I'll ride my 350 or 650. I like the 200 for what it is.

So far I have not found anything in the fork spring area. Progressive has bike listed but nothing offered. Check with Jesse on this; I haven't and then tell us! A rear shock is available from Works and you can specify to them rider/gear weight for a spring (will cost about some 320 clams). Currently I'm using the OEM item with the preload adjusted to max (OEM position is usually midpoint) and had ridden 2up with my daughter (160 + 90lbs with riding gear) in the past with no problems.

I have the Suzuki manual for the 200 not sure about the Clymer.

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