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Originally Posted by T125
* MotoFizz seat bag? Which size?
* What are your panniers/tankbag (they seem to match)?
* Have you got racks under there too?
* Your tank panniers seem to be the Tractor Supply type that a lot of folks are raving about here:
Do you worry about exceeding the GVWR?
Hey T125 -

Yup - MotoFizz large... great bag... it's nice having the room, but I'd probably go medium next time... it's fine on a bigger streetbike, but looks almost silly on the little KLR!

The panniers/tankbag are just some old Eclipse stuff I bought waay back around '80 - gettin' a little tatty 'round the edges - but still gets the job done, so I continue to use 'em. Eclipse still sells a similar tankbag, but I wouldn't recommend it for a typical DS bike - it's too wide (hits handlebars @ full lock), and doesn't agree with the backslope of a typical DS tank. Something like a Wolfman Explorer would be better, I'd imagine.

Racks - Tail rack is the factory Kawasaki accessory part (purchased from Dual-Star, IIRC). For the sides, I made my own standoff brackets from (1" x 3/16" x 4' - as far as I can remember) rolled steel stock (Tractor Supply) - bent, cut, hammered, drilled, painted, and covered w/a bicycle inner tube. The panniers don't attach to those - they just provide something to keep the loaded packs from bustin' up the sidecovers, or melting on the muffler. About $15 in materials and an afternoon's effort - work great, and look fine/minimal when the bags are off.

Yup - Tractor Supply tank panniers! Too inexpensive to pass up!

As far as GVWR... I don't really worry about it, as fully loaded (like in the pic) is probably only an additional 60-70 lbs. - less than a small passenger. Being I'm only about 150 lbs., I wouldn't think it's an issue.

Here's a pic with a little "lighter" touring setup - Eclipse tailpack and MotoUSA EXL soft saddlebags (also too inexpensive to pass up!) -
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