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Originally Posted by T125
...did you need a mandrel to do the bending/curvature of the stock?
Nah... this stuff is easy enough to make mild (but imprecise) bends by hand (say, over your knee) - and sharp bends using a bench vise/hammer. Although - to make the milder bends nice and even/progressive (to match the sidecover's curvature), I used a medium sized ball peen's flatter side to hammer on one side of the stock, against the vise's flat anvil surface. That lightly compresses the side you're hammering on, making it gently curl up and away from the anvil. Wear earplugs, tho!

I used a few 1" strips of cardboard (cereal box, I think) as templates, to figure out the bend and drill points etc... just sorta bent around 'til it looked about right, marked with a pen, and cut/bent the steel to match. Pretty easy, really!

Hopefully your Sherpa has available bolt holes/attach points to make something similar work, if you decide to give it a try. I may have lucked out, in that regard...

Yeah - was a sorta cold week on that ride... lots of high volume/low mass stuff (warm sleeping bag/jacket/clothes) went along. More than I needed... but still had room to spare. No reason being cold, if you don't have to!

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