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Originally Posted by The Cheat
I am planning on installing two MR16 Trail Tech HID lights (30watt fog and 30 watt pencil beam) plus I have grip warmers. Can the stock charging system handle this? I want to be able to run both lights and have the grip heaters going. I think the bike has 90 watts stock but I am not sure. It is a 2006 KTM EXC 450. So what do you fellers think?
I can't comment on the HIDs, other than to mention that the start up amperage is rather high until they get lit and running, so you need a good battery.

You won't see anything close to 90 watts out of a stock RFS stator. After rewinding with larger 18 gage wire and filling all the poles completely my stator gives me about 95 (calculated using a digital volt meter and amp meter.)

Stock is around 75 to 80; and 55 of that is ac, which will not work for HID, no way. So at the minimum you need to consider a rewind and float the ground to a pure dc system. Since you want to pile on the electrical accessories it might be a good idea to invest in the Electrosport stator, which is good for an "advertised" 273 watts. That way you won't have to worry about future upgrades like a cooling fan, heated vest or 100 watt mobile Ham radio ;)

A Trail Tech flywheel with stronger magnets can bump up the output of any of these mods by 10 or 15 watts. If you have been wanting either more rev or more flywheel effect, this can be a good option for a little more juice.
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