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I agree with Stu about the subframe....I don't really worry too much about it. As you can see, the Wolfman bag sits halfway on the back end of the seat...I tend to pack the heavier items on the seat side, and the lighter items towards the rear fender. I too have been involved with a few wrecks that should have damaged the subframe, but hasn't. Hell, I flipped my bike once and it landed completely upside down, resting on the handlebars. THAT was fun!

The tank I have is the "XC" tank, not that monster 6.6 gallon Acerbis tank. No way I need almost 7 gallons of fuel. It would be a good addition for someone like Leesbian who is going RTW but for me it is overkill. Seems like that joker would change your sterring geometry when it's full.

Sounds like our man John Davies knows his stuff about the electrical jazz! I get lost in all the technical jargon. I do not know why it loses me, it just seems to have that effect.

Yup, "minimalist" camping rules. I used to stuff all my shit into the Moose backpack (I love that thing) but it started getting too heavy all day long. That is when I started looking for a way to carry some luggage. I actually bought and returnned a few different soft saddlebags...none of them worked well enough for me. I like the Mini Beta because it can hold a lot of stuff or a little amount of stuff. Either way, the cinch straps are smartly designed and NOTHING moves around in there.
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