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Originally Posted by flux_capacitor
I agree with Stu about the subframe....I don't really worry too much about it. As you can see, the Wolfman bag sits halfway on the back end of the seat...I tend to pack the heavier items on the seat side, and the lighter items towards the rear fender. I too have been involved with a few wrecks that should have damaged the subframe, but hasn't. Hell, I flipped my bike once and it landed completely upside down, resting on the handlebars. THAT was fun!
I caught a trailing vine once that was about 1 1/2" thick by the handlebar that flipped me upside down at speed and the bike and I slid down the hill we were descending side by side with it coming to rest, upside down, next to me. I gave my poor old 250 a little hug before putting her back on her wheels.

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