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Originally Posted by Gumbydave
I just started plans today on my RFS/AFS(adventure four stroke) conversion. I have been wanting to do this for years. I hope to have it done by May 07
1. start with a street plated 525 XC (not exc)
2. install custom trans mod, exc 1st & 2nd, keep the MXC close ratio mid gears and lower 6th to pull the 15/42 final drive
3.install stroker crank and 540 cyl
4. build low pipe along frame to a stock exc muffler skid plate to cover all
6.install the acerbis 25 liter tank
7. build a carbon/kevlar dakar cowl w/2 baja designs stock style headlight reflectors, use the black SM front high fender
8.install trail tech Lynx vapor instrumentation
9. HT oil cooler
10.evans coolant and ktm fan, hardparts radiator guards
11.trail tech rewound stator and rare earth magnet +7 oz flywheel
12.Osram HID headlights hi/low and LED tail and turns
13. aluminum splinted subframe with soft steel rack and panier mounts with bolt-on segments similar to the 950 design, to allow option for soft panniers or pelicans and easily bent back in event of an incident
14 suspension set-up with scotts UBM and subtanks to compensate for the heavier mid valve settings

possible options to consider:
Wider rear rim and TKC 80
Tire balls or mousse insert in front tire
Heavier spokes and DID heavy duty rims
Custom heavy duty high volume radiators
Possibly use a 640 or 950 adventure cowl to hack up to start making the CF/kevlar cowl.
Posibly use the 950 adventure windscreen (for availability)
Possibly an aluminum tool kit on the right side of the engine where the pipe was
Trail tech helmet lights( in adition to the hi/lo fairing mount HIDs) with heavy duty hook/loop mounting to the fairing wired with release plug for instant quick change from fairing use to helmet use location
Cordless drill converted into a quick mount winch
DOOD! i can't wait to see it!
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