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Little bikes rock

One mistake I've made was selling a Honda Rebel to buy a KLR650. I just enjoyed the little Rebel more. It's perhaps the only motorized thing I have owned that exceeded my expectations. However I will admit that the idea of piloting a Rebel on the I-294 tollway around Chicago doesn't appeal to me at all.

I split from south of Green Bay WI once and didn't stop until I was almost all the way to the Apostle islands. I camped overnight In Mellon WI and had a great time. It took a buggerload of bungee cords to get the job done but I wanted to ride. For 300 miles a day I rode to my heart's content. A great ride that cleansed the soul.

I did run into a father and son riding boxers together and they got away from me quickly. I'm sure they thought I'd lost my mind.

I think that it's more important to have a motorized cycle than a motor that happens to have a cycle.

Thanks for this thread. I'm going to read, think and seriously reconsider the goals I have for my motorcycle ownership and riding.


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