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So I tried a re-spring and revalve yesterday on my '02 with WP4860's and ran into some trouble because I'm completely new to suspension work.

First off, for anyone who's interested here're the stacks that are on the stock '02 forks:

Base: (6mm ID)
6 x 24 x .1
2 x 22 x .1
2 x 20 x .1
2 x 18 x .1
1 x 16 x .15
1 x 14 x .15
1 x 11 x .2
1 x 18 x .25

Midvalve: (8mm ID)
4 x 24 x .1
about 1.2mm float

Rebound: (6mm ID)
5 x 24delta x .1
1 x 20 x .1
1 x 18 x .1
1 x 16 x .1
1 x 14 x .1
1 x 10 x .3
1 x 16 x .25

I knew what shims where already on the bike from the parts fiche, but didn't know how many of each. I ordered a bunch of extra shims, but that was no big deal. What was a big deal was that I ordered 6mm id shims for the midvalve instead of 8mm Shoulda paid more attention to the fiche.
Some of the shims weren't available, so I made some substitutes: 2x14x.1 for 1x14x.15 in the rebound stack, and 3x10x.1 for 1x10x.3 in the base stack. The 10mm shims in the base stack rest against the body of the base, so the change in flex doesn't matter.

I left the midvalve alone, but had a big question about it:

How do you set the float? Is it with little spacers between the rebound tap and the cartridge piston? Pic . The stack+float value is 1.6mm for my forks, 2.5mm for the stock '03 valve 2.58mm for the Zerodog valve.

Or, if I am stuck with the stack+float distance, what should I do to the stack? I figure a general beefing up of the stack would be a good start. How important is the float? I was going to add a washer to the midvalve, but it would have taken up nearly all the float, so I left it out.

Zerodog, thanks so much for sharing what you found. It's a great head start for us tinkerers.

I'll share the results when I get some... I haven't even ridden the bike yet!
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