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Today's route is 300km but with alternative route it is 400km. The main route includes the Laerdal tunnel, the longest tunnel in the world. It is 24.5 km long. The alternative route skips the tunnel.

Everybody do their regular checks before we drive away. One of the R 1150 RT's battery doesn't cooperate. After pushing it a bit, the engine starts. The owner decides to reach the closest town to change the battery. The more north we drive, finding bigger towns will be difficult, it is better to make the change while we are close to civilization

Our next stop is Aurlandsfjord. Big cruising ships can dock here, therefore there are many tourists but bearable.

We give a lunch break and chill out.

I take a short look at the souvenier shops and buy some postcards to send to my brother.

There is an interesting train here called Flåmsbanan. A special train that can climb steep hills with its sprocked wheel pulling up. The rail lane is 20 km long and the train climbs 1m for every 18m it goes, it passes 20 tunnels which make total of 6km. There is a road kind of following the route of the train, not open to cars but we try our chance to drive there with our bikes. After a sweaty ride, we reach the midway. It is not allowed even for our bikes from here on.

Tourists who climbed this part on foot are suprised to see heavy bikes here.

We continue to drive and reach Laerdalsfjord. I drive on the alternative route which skips the worlds longest tunnel. The tunnel is an impressive thing (rode through it with a car before) but really boring with a bike in comparison to these nice views and fresh air.

I take one of my traditional reflectingyourselfatyourbikesmirror pictures

It is another nice day and this country offers us beautiful views all the time. I understand why many people rank Norway as one of the "must do" destinations for bikers.

We arrive late afternoon to our next accomodation and this place was really special. We will be staying in these cute wooden houses lying in a valley surronded with a glacier called Trollbau, lying south of Olden. The misty air, the super green nature, the cold breeze coming from the glacier and the special nordic summer light make the place very very mystical. Kind of Hansel and Gretel set-up. If you want to write a novel or fairytale, I can recommend this place.

Cool roofs

Rickard and Thor are ready for a walk before dinner.

Tired but happy bikers at dinner table

This lady owns those houses and gives us some information about the area and the food. Everything we eat comes from the village she says, 100% ecological. Something we need to pay extra in big cities nowadays. It was a delicious dinner. My negative view on Norwegian food changes thanks to her.

I take a walk after dinner, it is still light outside. The view brings me many thougts.

That night, I most probably see those old fairytales in my dream.

Tomorrow, we will go to Geiranger and the famous TROLLSTIGEN

to be continued....
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