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Sweet pics creeper. The wires were the biggest challange when I test fit my FCR. I had no exhaust problems at all. I wonder why some guys do and some don't? I am still running my BST for now. But after my MX trip I will be going FCR. I just don't want to change anything that could effect range or reliability right before a big trip.

As far as BST bogging goes I have completely fixed mine. It is 100% float issues. It is really really easy to set the float wrong on the BST. My bike would sputter and almost turn off when I got into rocks and steep hills. The 2 combined where a clutch grabbing throttle milking fest that only led to gettng tired and pissed off. I can pound through miles off ass deep sand whoops, jump as high as I dare, and do rocky steep climbs with ease now with my BST. The only issue I have at all with the BST now is the fact that it makes my 55HP bike a total dog. It should wheelie at will with only throttle. I shouldn't need to have special wheelie powers to do a power wheelie on the road. For some guys it makes the bike easier to ride. But like Creeper said it can be trouble when you need to pop the front wheel over something.
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