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To clamp or not to clamp?

This might be stating the obvious, but for those who are unsure of whether the benefits of installing the winglets will be worth drilling holes in your plastic, why not take a test run with the winglets held in place with c-clamps...or something similar? Another thought...I've read a few posts about some riders cutting the windshield where it could interfere with the winglets. Why not cut the lesser expensive winglets instead of the more costly w/s? Just a thought. I have a Cee Baily's w/s and keep it in the most upright position, which by the looks of it will interfere at the lower corners with the winglets I want to install. I cut about a 1/2 inch corner (inside upper) off each winglet and it looks like it will do the trick. I'll take a test ride tonight with the winglets clamped down before I decide the drill. Hope it works out!

If these questions have been raised in prior bad!
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