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Originally Posted by TonyA
I thought it was a good fit when I installed mine. First, remove the rear mounting tabs, cutting along the molded ridge of the winglets so they'll clear the fairing ...

... attach it to the bike at the fairing and the aft Tobinator mounting point ...

... using some brackets you make yourself (with a little help from Ace Hardware):

(edit) Not only does it look close to an OEM solution, it actually works. The optimum tilt angle for the windscreen has now shifted a little bit back. The air flow coming off the sides of the screen is less turbulent and stays clean for a longer distance. There are some pretty strong jets of air coming up over the brake and clutch master cylinders, then dead air below that, then more strong jets coming off the bottom of the winglets. It directs more air at my knees which we'll have to see is a good thing or not. It's a LOT quieter when I tuck down behind the screen - that's the biggest change.

With the screen tilted down more my helmet is getting a slightly stronger but more laminar flow. It's noticeably quieter, not quite there but closer to the clean air you get when you stand up. My shoulders are still getting strong air flow because the winglets direct some air up and some down.

If I tilt the screen more vertical the buffeting comes back.

Overall it's a modest improvement. More important changes came when I ditched the OEM screen and added Tobinators. But I'd do it again, no regrets.

well, aren't you a clever boy. I just took mine off with the intention of selling them, but I'll have a go at what you did. I can see that mounting them farther forward could help a lot.

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