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Funny thing - When I got into serious LD riding I saw Peter Hoogeveen's Honda Blackbird IBR bike and I saw the Mayer saddle on it. I went to the wrong Mayer and got one of Rick's saddles made. It was OK at first but they were really disorganized - I was still gettting production dates for my seat after it was back on my bike. The seat did not hold up and he was impossible to get ahold of - the seat took far longer to build as I recall than he stated and the raincover was a piece of crap it looked like a shower cap at best and fit about as well as one.

My wife bought a new bike and needed a saddle so we rode down to Rich's in Seattle. I was so impressed with what he did that he rebuilt my Rick Meyer saddle the same day. I was shurprised to see the quality fo the material he used in my seat it was just crap comapred to what Rich was doing on my wife's bike.

Since then I have had 4 saddles built by Rich and Susan has had 2 done. We get a new bike and immediately make an appointment for a ride in seat fitting.

Funny Story my first Rich's seat off my 1150 GS I sent to a friend when I bought an Adventure with the comment "ride on it for a week then send me a cheque for $300.00 if you like it, otherwise I will pay to have it shipped back".

2 days later I get the message "You are an A**h*le the check is in the mail, that seat now has over 100K miles on it and still looks new

I have 50K miles on my latest Rich's seat and it has been a source of bottom joy since day one. Rich has tweaked a few seats for us as they settled down over time or our riding position changed (all at no charge). During the IBR a lot of us had Rich's seats and no one I know had any issues. Rich builts about 2500 seats a year out of his shop. I highly recommend him to all ADV Riders
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