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Originally Posted by katbeanz
I have a bunch of small conveyor rolls that when the bearing fails you end up with the outer race still in there.
What I do, and use this method at your own risk, is run a bead of weld on the inside of it, it will work with mig but works best stick welding.
As the weld cools it shrinks the race along with it and they normally just fall out with a tap on the side of the workbench.
Ah. That's the procedure I was told. I found out the backwards way when I tried to weld some kind of tang into a bearing race so I could drive it out. The one I was dealing with had NO lip to catch. I finally got a washer welded into the race, flipped the wheel over, and the bearing fell out. Now that you've reminded me I need to anchor that in my brain this time.
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