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I've ridden both the XT and the TW and both will be down on power big time compared to the XR250. The suspension on both is a long way off an XR as well. Riderchick just bought a TW and since she's ridden with Eric I'm sure I can talk her into letting you try the TW if you want to take a trip down here and sit on one first hand. Hell she let me ride it and I took it on a old enduro race course a few weeks ago and bent the hell out of the shifter. You have to ride the TW sitting down at least I do. When standing the bars are way to low to inspire confidence. I didn't notice any ill effects in handling due to the tire but I only rode it about 40 miles. It is down on power but I'm a majorly fat SOB so this may not be as noticable for some one lighter. I couldn't climb hills in anything higher than first gear.


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Looking for some professional or not so professional opinons on these 3 bikes. Im a new rider (very new, less than 10 hrs seat time), female, height challenged at 5'4, 40 something. Just started on my SO's (ehatcher) XR250. He claims I STOLE it from him, but I am merely BORROWING it. I love the sure footedness of this bike, but it is just too tall for me. The kick start is somewhat of a nuisence for me, due to how high the bike is. Eric is a trooper when I drop the bike or stall it, he's always right there to start her up for me. Don't feel comfy taking it out solo because I feel I need a baby sitter to help me start it and pick it up. For now looking to do local riding and off road (Pine Barrens). Learning in a field where we live. Planning on taking the MSF course ASAP.

Did a google search of the site, and read the relevant posts, but still undecided.

TW200-seat height perfect! most comfortable of all 3. The only one that made me smile when I looked at it with those big tires. It has FUN written all over it. Concerned about top speed, and the few posts that mentioned it may have piggish handling with the big tires.

XT225-again perfect height. Like the 6 speed. Will it be as surefooted like the XR? (such as not being squirrley when riding thru ruts)

DR200-tallest of the 3 but still ok. Bigger tank, longer range. Most expensive of the 3. How does this bike handle compared to the 225?

I don't feel I can go really wrong with any of these bikes, but any thoughts and opinions would be appreciated.

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