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Originally Posted by ADVcat
Just curious, why don't you recommend the DR200? In fact, it seems that not many people have mentioned this bike at all. It doesnt seem that different than the 225 other than the larger tank and 5 speed tranny.


The DR200 is a great bike...I love the range it has with the big tank. I paid $3295 for it new in 2001 before tax and license. It'll buzz along at 55 okay. Once, going downhill with a tailwind, I buried the needle...something above 80 mph. Normally it'll top out at about an indicated 72 mph with me aboard, which is about 65 or so in actual speed according to my GPS. I weigh about 205 pounds.

It has also been incredibly reliable. I have 9,000 miles on it now. It has been incredibly reliable in spite of hard use. My wife got hers at the same time and now has 8,000 miles on hers. She said if she had to only have one motorcycle, she'd keep the DR200. It's her daily driver and also we've taken them touring in the Ozarks and Colorado. (having only one motorcycle is unimaginable to me, though)

Maintenance costs have been virtually nil...just oil and filters...and new rear tires. It only takes me about 20 minutes to tune up because of the screw and locknut valve adjusters.

The XT225, however, has the six speed transmission, and just a little more displacement, so I've decided it's a slightly better bike...for two or three hundred more dollars. It has a slight edge for highway riding. The difference is so slight, though that it wouldn't be worth it to me to upgrade...and anyway, I like the big tank on the DR200. I've ridden both a lot since my brother has an XT225. I don't ride fast off road or anything like that...I'm just out wandering and exploring, so suspension differences between the bikes just don't matter to me. I wouldn't use the added travel in a bike like a DRZ400, so I would just rather be closer to the ground. For me, it's the exploring and wandering, and it's not a race.

So I think overall the XT has the edge, unless the smaller gas tank puts you off. Another factor for me is the, ummm, Suzukiness of my garage...there's a herd of Suzukis out there and nothing else. When did that happen? It didn't use to be that way. I used to always have BMW or two.

We're splitting hairs discussing the fine distinctions between these bikes...all three are excellent. Maybe you would do as well to do as someone mentions above...get the one that feels best sitting on it, and that would be the TW200. But don't discount the DR200, I'm just totally in love with it. It never, ever sits unused.


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