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Originally Posted by viverrid

a lot of these bikes aren't ridden much and it just means more gas gets old sitting in the tank
Wow, this is just not our experience at all with the DR200's. We use them day in, day out nine months out of the year. In terms of frequency of use, we ride them far more than our other bikes. Of course the mileage is much lower because they tend to go on shorter trips.

In fact I'm amazed at the number of duty cycles (heat up then cool off) they have been through without the slightest problem. No oil leaks, nothing. I ride into the winter if the streets are clean so the DR200 is getting started at below freezing temperatures constantly. One time I rode the ten miles home form work it was 13 degrees.

What quality and durability. Sure wish it had a six speed tranny, though. But I occassionally make good use of the range afforded by the big DR tank.
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